The Afflicted Yard

Peter Dean Rickards er en fotograf fra Kingston, Jamaica som arbeider under navnet The Afflicted Yard sammen med broren Peter John(!). Media ting og sånn driver de med, A non-registered member of the Jamaica Tourist Board since 1999, beskriver de seg selv som på siden sin. Sjekk ut arbeidet til Peter Dean og Peter John i denne posten og finn linkene til mer Afflicted Yard lengre ned. Har postet litt av dem tidligere, Kingstonlogic 2.0 (video) og Mr Brooks ... A Better Tomorrow (cover art).

Kom opp en finfin note om fotografering på facebook fan page-greia for en stund siden, How to become a photographer;
"It was with this camera that I sold my first photograph to a magazine called The Fader. It was a picture of Bounty Killer screaming into a microphone. I just stood there as it was happening and kept pressing the button and later took out the blurry stuff, blew it up with free scanner software and emailed it to them. It came out like this : "
Bounty Killer i The Fader

Ninja Man (OOOH!! SNAP!!)

"Either way, we really don't care what you think unless you're going to pay us and even then we'll probably still make fun of you behind your back.

We are Jamaicans living within and without cultural control.

We are at once proud nationalists and harsh critics of our country of origin.

A country known for its extremes.
A place packed with originality and creative energy that continues to flourish despite the current socio-political state that has removed the personal pride of many.

An island filled with beauty unsurpassed and ugliness that would make a rat puke.

This is the Afflicted Yard.

A place of extremes where you will see life as we see it.

Watch it, or change the channel.

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Lucy sa...

Whoaa det første bildet var nydelig. Ser ut som en geopard/menneske som slynger seg stolt i steikvarmen. Jeg vil bli en geopard! Goood helg Joppissss!