UK TING! HARD! Breakage feat Newham Generals & David Rodigan.. Taken from the forthcoming Breakage album Foundation, which is set to drop on Digital Soundboy.

2 x bonus.

mp3: Breakage ft Skream - Skreakage



Black Belt

mp3: Busy Signal - Black Belt

mp3: Busy Signal - Black Belt (Sabbo Remix)

Busy Signal to di world! Busy kjører på med nok en eksperimentell låt, denne gang med riddim fra Kirkledove /Jukeboxx. Produktiv som få. Sjekk også de to kinda nye videoene til Voicemail og en eller annen hawt chick med Busy starring, bwoy got dat mojo. Edde Stats om Busy's mangfoldighet og orginalitet:

"but Busy Signal in particular has made his appearance so many times it’s a joke. In fact it’s gone past farce and into tragedy; he comes with palm-worthy tunes so regularly that I am actually angry at him, although I guess I should be mad at the rest of dancehall and the world for failing to match his level of constant originality."

"however, “Black Belt” would not be ignored. Busy again sets the standard for matching lyrics and concepts in dancehall, stuttering and chopping up syllables hibachi-style—
Bone crush out like a fockin hippopotamus / so we rise the sh-sh-shotty fuss
—over a minimal RZA meets Dave Kelly track made almost solely from kung fu sound effects. And clearly I’m not the only one who’s feeling the crush. I was re-listening to the track for the eighth time, wrestling with the microscopic Busy devil on one shoulder saying, Put it in! and the Busy-angel on the other saying, Give somebody else a bligh.."
via Eddie Stats @Ghetto Palms

Jamaican dancehall ban?

WorldFocus reports on Jamaicas Broadcasting Commission ban on dancehall music and images of daggering on radio and tv.

"Grace Hamilton, known as Spice, is one of Jamaica’s most prominent Dancehall artists. She and Vybz Kartel came under attack for their duet “Rampin’ Shop.” Not all of Spice’s songs are so sexually graphic. In the video below, Spice talks (and sings) about growing up in Jamaica’s ghettos.!"

Mer daggering - No daggerin’ on Jamaican TV and on Worldfocus.

Mer censor fuckery hvis du trykker på bildet.
"Music will always be an easy scape goat

....it's a lot easier than dealing with the actual socio economic issues plaguing society that are causing the actual problems that need to be addressed and corrected. Requires less money, less commitment, less in general. here it is. Musical content in the issue so let's start impose censory bans and all teenage prenancy rates will decline, all crime rates will decline, all moral corruption in general will be abolished yadda yadda yadda - they know better but it's to target music than actually deal with the issues.

The artists speaking on what is going on in their community, who have come up through their art should now be penalized and hindered futher because they speak on what is going on around them.

Completely logical no? Smh"
via TweetaFineta @dancehallreggae.com


Gallis / Sassa Step

Ny video fra Mr Vegas til låta Gallis (Triple Bounce Riddim) og Sassa Step, regi av Jay-Will. Innspillingen av videoen har vært utsatt pågrunn av koreografi av nye dansemoves. Shy-N fra Japan vant dansekonkurransen på nettet om en rolle i videoen til Mr Vegas, se hvorfor på videoen under.

mp3: Mr Vegas - Gallis (Tripple Bounce Riddim)

mp3: Mr Vegas & Fatta Diamond - Sassa Step



Dubstep styleee. Sjekke Dire Straits remixen rundt 22-23min.


BONUS: ISO50 presents Guardian “Dubstep Essentials II”

mix: Guardian - Dubstep Essentials II


Bobby Konder's Culture Lovers Mix 2K9

mixtape: Bobby Konder's Culture Lovers_Mix_2K9



Nike AM90 x Dizzee Rascal x Ben Drury

On Friday 18th September, Nike Sportswear and Mercury Music Prize winning recording artist Dizzee Rascal will release the very special, and strictly limited, Nike Air Max 90 ‘Tongue N’ Cheek’ sneaker. The shoe has been created in a special partnership between Dizzee, Nike Design and long-time Dizzee collaborator and creative director, Ben Drury and will go on sale exclusively at Nike’s1948 store in London’s Shoreditch, ahead of the release of Dizzee’s fourth LP, Tongue N’ Cheek.

This promo video has been created specially to celebrate these two releases. Art directed by Drury, shot by hype photographers Tim & Barry (dontwatchthat.tv) the same creative team behind the album artwork, also includes the skills of up and coming director/animator James Copeman. Set to 'Chillin Wiv Da Man Dem' - the sound of Dizzee at his most laid-back- the film fuses elements of the album artwork with additional footage, and is a light hearted look into Rascal's world.

To see more and read more head to http://ww.nikesportswear.com



Demarco med tegneserie styleee på den nye videoen til låta Love A Come Down aka She Cyaan WaitStress Free Riddim. Jay Will har peiling på musikkvidz!

SWAGGER MAN! Give me swagger vision asap!

mp3: Demarco - Love A Come Down (Stress Free Riddim)


Triumph (director's commentary)

Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph (1997) fra albumet Wu-Tang Forever (spotify).

To give you a taste of his resume, we selected six of our favorite Brett Ratner-directed videos—including bangers from Wu-Tang, D’Angelo, and Public Enemy—and asked the man himself to give a little commentary about how each classic came together. Believe us, the man’s got stories for days...

Read more: http://www.complex.com

“It was the first million dollar rap video. When Steve Rifkind asked me, I said, ‘Are you sure about this record? There’s no chorus!’ He says “Trust me, its gonna be the biggest record of the year. Only Wu-Tang could pull this off.’ So, I set up the video—Joseph Kahn was my cinematographer. I hear that they want eleven Suburbans—they each want their own. They each also want $50,000 worth of gear, and they told me all their designers. So first day, these guys are walking in one at a time, and each guy walks into the dressing room, and walks out with plastic bags filled with all the clothes. I called Steve like, ‘They’re stealing all the clothes!’ He’s like, ‘Don’t worry, let them have it.’”

“It’s a five day shoot, and it’s crazy. The greatest fuckin’ experience, they’re eating mushrooms the whole time. Ol’ Dirty never shows up. I was like, Oh my god, this is fucking insane! The most fun I ever had. After shooting ends, they all leave to go on tour in Europe, but Ghost never would travel, because he had diabetes. So he checks into a hotel, and they said, ‘Yo Ghost, you watch Brett, and watch over that edit, man. White devil could fuck it up!” So, we’re in the edit room, and we call the group on speakerphone. And it’s the funniest thing, this is embedded in my memory. They’re all on the phone like, ‘White muthafuckin’ devil, man, tryin’ to rob us motherfucker!’ And Ghost is looking at me while on speakerphone, just winking at me like, I love you man! [laughs].”

“So three days into the edit, I get a call that Ghost had had been kicked out of like eleven hotels, and I’m like, ‘Why were you kicked out?’ He’s like, ‘I don’t know man, I got fucked up, and I just start breaking shit. Can you come get me? I got no place to stay.’ So I let him stay at my house. Suddenly my phone rings, and it’s Steve Rifkind, ‘Whats going on?’ I go, ‘Nothing, I’m just bringing Ghost over my house ’cause he got kicked out of the hotel.’ Then there’s silence on the other end of the phone. I say, ‘Whats wrong?’ He goes, ‘I gotta call you back.’ Five days later, he calls me up and goes, ‘Are you okay? Oh my God, you scared the shit outta me, man. How can you let this guy stay at your house? I don’t even let these guys know where I live!’ I go, ‘What do you mean? He’s the nicest guy in the world.’ He goes, ‘You don’t know what Ghostface has? He hallucinates, he hears voices like kill your mom, kill your mom. He has to be medicated because he has homicidal thoughts.’ So a month goes by, and I would edit all day, and Ghost would just chill at my house until we finished. A month later, I’m with my girlfriend in the backyard, and the cat starts going fucking crazy and starts digging into the dirt. We dig up a bucket of fried chicken. Ghost buried a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the backyard. How fuckin’ freaky is that?”






mp3: Aidonia - Isaiah (Equiknoxx prod.)



mp3: Oh No - Concentrate/The Funk

Announced only a few weeks ago, Oh No follows up Dr. No’s Oxperiment by diving again into Egon’s record collection for a region-based instrumental beat album. This time he's offered up and album inspired-by and sampled-from rare 60s and 70s Ethiopian funk, jazz, folk, soul and psychedelic rock.

The CD and LP version of Dr. No's Ethiopium will be an expanded version of this digital album and will be released on the same day as Intelligentsia’s Stones Throw’s Ethiopium coffee.




Manna sitt nye album har blitt spilt en del her i stua. Sjekk det ut på platekompaniet, cdbaby, på Ztorm eller hos fredrik at smartpatrol.no, hvor du også får kjøpt t-skjorter, zip-hoods og stæsj. Albumet dukker snart på itunes, Manna sitt forrige album "Salma" kan kjøpes der.

Manna + Joddski + Jan Skiiskii + Bodø Rasta på Parkenfestivalen 2009

Intervju: Bjørn Jervås og Vegard Leite i Morgenbladet - "Vi flyg ut av Babylon"

podcast: Bjørn Jervås på livet laus (nrk p2)


Only Built for Cuban Linx II

Raekwon med årets album, hands down. Kjøp det her eller på itunes der albumet er #1 på hip hop-lista. Sjekk også ut Only Built For Cuban Linx hvis du ikke har hørt på det før. Wu-Tang 2009 what it do!?

mp3: Raekwon ft Ghostface Killah – Cold Outside

mp3: Raekwon ft Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna – 10 Bricks




Baton Rouge, Lousianna har blitt et av de voldeligste stedene i Amerika etter orkanen Katrina, trange kår --> trap music. Lil Boosie vokste opp der og har vært borti litt av hvert, nå venter han på en rettssak angående forsøk på å bestikke en snut, marijuana og våpen (intervju). Haha, et annet bra intervju finner du her på Smoking Section; "And we be sticking pill up girl’s booty too!"
Anyways, sjekk ut låtene og videoene under for en smak av boosie bo. pause.

"You hear that? That’s the crowd chanting every word to songs from an album that hasn’t released. This is why SuperBad & Boosie Bad Azz > your favorite."

mp3: Lil Boosie ft Young Jeezy & Webbie - Better Believe It

mp3: Lil Boosie - Loaded (ikke på albumet)



Di Genius

Bandittan rater Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor som faen. Auto-tune ser ikke ut til å dø ut på Jamaica med det første, til tross for Jay-Zs låt D.O.A. Di Genius utnytter dette og prøver å gjøre som Timbaland, og prøver seg med synging på enkelte av produksjonene sine. Vi får se om han gjør like stor suksess med det...

Her er en låt han nylig har lagd med Mavado

Han har tidligere også laget en låt med Vybz Kartel.



Trapfiiyaah fra ATL med Grip Plyaz, Young TRIMM og A. Leon Craft på mic´n.


Lil Boosie albumet Superbad kan forhåndbestilles, dropper snart.. følg med her på bloggen for boosie booo shiiit.


The Messengers

mp3: J.Period & K'NAAN ft Kardinal, Steele & Bajah - Belly Full

“J.Period & K’Naan are pleased to present the 2nd installment of The Messengers, a tribute to Fela, Marley & Dylan. Episode 2 celebrates Jamaica’s global emissary of struggle & unity: Bob Marley. J.Period remixes iconic tracks like “Belly Full,” “Shot the Sheriff,” and “Stir It Up,” while K’NAAN shows why he is one of the next generation’s illest MC’s. Special guests include: Toronto’s Kardinal Offishall, Steele (Smif’N'Wessun), Sierra Leone’s Bajah (Dry Ee Crew) & Netic the Rebel (Game Rebellion)”
01 Introduction to Bob Marley
02 Belly Full (Messengers Remix) f. Kardinal, Steele & Bajah
03 War Through Poetry / Sun Is Shining (Interlude)
04 Shot the Sheriff (Messengers Remix)
05 Fighting a War (Interlude)
06 Johnny Was (Messengers Remix) f. Netic the Rebel
07 Need You So (Wailers Interlude)
08 My Country / Small Axe (Messengers Remix)
09 Love Lights Burning (Interlude)
10 Fatima _ Stir It Up (Messengers Remix)
11 Satisfy My Soul (Outro)

Patwa Swagga

mixtape: Wyclef Jean - Patwa Swagga

Wylclef Jean, aka Toussaint St Jean (??), med en mixtape med navn Patwa Swagga presentert av Mister Cee og Hot 97. Se video av første avspilling av mixtapen live i studio hos Hot 97, hvor de også snakker litt om nylig avdøde reggaeprodusent Wycliffe Steely Johnson. Et par mp3z fra mixtapen nedenfor videoen for de som ikke liker å laste ned .rar's.

mp3: 3. Patwa Swagga

mp3: 7. I Will Dwell

mp3: 12. Steely Tribute


Violence In The Streets

Julian "JuJu" Marley & Damian Marley med ny video til låta Violence In The Streets fra albumet Awake til JuJu. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley er også aktuell med Distant Relatives, et collabo album med Nas, sjekk låta Holiday til Jr. Gong + Afro Beat snippet'n til en låt som kommer på Damian & Nas albumet. Mer Marley + Nas greier på burdenclothing.com.

mp3: Julian Marley & Damian Marley - Violence In The Streets

mp3: Damian Marley - Holiday

mp3: Nas & Damian Marley - Afro Beat (snippet)


Collie Buddz - Serious

Ny låt!

Collie Buddz MySpace

Har tidligere nevnt et samarbeid mellom Collie Buddz og Ninja Cutty fra Bermuda. Låten "She Got Me" er enda ikke lett å finne på nett, men du kan høre den i dette radioprogrammet fra 7:00 til 10:30.


Jamaican skaters

Here are some shots I took on my previous trip to Jamaica. To most people, skating in Jamaica sounds as bizarre
as the ice bobsled team, but it is in full effect and growing..fast. The kids are embracing it and showing some serious effort. I wouldnt be surprised to find that just as Jamaica harbors the worlds fastest runner, if nurtured, there may be some serious skate talent in Jamaica. Im curious to see who will be the smartest brand to pick up on this opportunity first. All the kids need is gear and support in return for an evolution of the sport. The kids go hard.



Syke videoen til Major Lazer med Mr. Daggering himself - Skerrit Bwoy i hovedrollen. Sjekk også ut de freske remixene av Pon De Floor + en mixtape av Major Lazer. Hadde nesten glemt av trapstar refixen over Pon De Floor instrumentalen, funkyish, OJ Da Juiceman og Gucci Mane go booomin and bangin in a hipster styleeee.

mp3: Major Lazer ft Ninjasonik - Pon De Floor (Diplo Rap Remix)

mp3: Major Lazer ft Sean Paul - Pon De Floor (Team Yee Remix)

mp3: DJ Mighty Mi ft OJ & Gucci - Make That Trap Say Rave (Refix)

: Mishka Presents: Keep Watch Vol. X: Major Lazer

Tracklist + t-skjorter @ mishkanyc.com



mp3: RSP & Thomax – Nordaførr

+ nye videoen til Kompani 69 fra albumet Hunddaga, kjøp kjøp kjøp!






mixtape: Jahdan Blakkamore - Bazooka Shot

Jahdan Blakkamore med en fresh mixtape før albumreleaset av Buzzrock Warrior den 15. september. Tracklist på mixtapen i kommentarfeltet. Sjekk ut de mixene du finner her på The Fader også, Jahdan & dutty artz ting.

Sjekk den et par uker gamle videoen av Jahdan med Smiff N Wessun + live band med låta Sound Bwoy Bureill, som er den låta Jahdan ble kjent med.




"Red, a homeless gentleman in Los Angeles, showed up behind the HVW8 gallery late last year and proceeded to beatbox/sing his original composition “I Should Tell Your Mama On You,” which sounds like Ginuwine filtered through Roger Troutman and performed by a 90-year-old barbershop singer. It is amazing."


Pitchfork says "one brilliantly strange song.".

Noteable quoteables:
"Smokin on that granddaddy/ Make you wanna slap ya grandmammy/ Make you wanna hit that laffy taffy…”

“Here we go aaaagain/ Me and my lonesome ass friends…”

“We about to get hyphy with it/ You claim that you don’t like me, quit it"

mp3: Red - (the man without the machine) - I should tell ya momma on you (itunes) // 7" via Stones Throw



Joddski sin nye video Luremus. Video av Thor Erling Brenne. Drøyt bra! Den ble tatt ned fra youtube, men her er den.



Fill It Up With That AYE!!

DJ Giraffo har endelig snekret sammen en ny samling av den beste hip hop`en som har blitt sluppet så langt i 2009, 60 sanger fordelt på 3 mixer. Gå til thejaywalkers.blogspot å les om samlingen og finn tracklist eller last ned og nøy deg med disse fire linjene;

"Alt dette er gull, like fullt. Det du har hørt – det du ikke har hørt. Goon, nørd, backpacker eller bare hiphop-elsker. Samma det. Vi har noe for deg. Vi har faktisk det du trenger mest av alt akkurat nå: 60 låter av årets mest funklende hip hop-gull. Og JohnnyJaywalker på cover art. Don’t miss out, fool."

mixtape: Giraffostyle 09 (3 cd)



Kriginga når et nytt nivå. Bounty vs Kartel.

new chune update - some thought because of his uncharacteristically slow response to Bounty Killer’s two new diss songs, that he was waiting until tonight at Champions In Action to unleash. However, Vybz Kartel has indeed fired back with a new single, saying he’ll kill Bounty Killer’s three songs with just this one.

Talawa på reggaebloggen.com:
"men det är kul att se Bounty arg ännu en gång. Tillsammans med "In the building", "Mek a duppy" och "Ending of dem road" har Killer redan flera gångbara warchunes än på flera år. Någon framförde teorin om att Killer inte kan ge sig på Kartel på Kartel-manér, dvs ett utdraget glirande och indirekta dissar, Killer måste ge sig på Kartel head on, som han gjorde med Monster Empire i fjol exempelvis om han inte vill se sig bekämpad av Kartel. Nu har vi ju i alla fall tillräckligt på benen för att se att det inte för sig om någon "beating around the bush"."

mp3: Bounty Killer - Chatta Box (Kartel diss)

mp3: Vybz Kartel - Toilet Paper Bownty (Bowntys Killa)

Big up Drahpaa for links.



Fruityloopy beats, loose acoustic guitars, tight joyous vox. RUFF RIDDIMS, nuff said. Gwaan, Bots bredren–

Dancehall, hip hop, kwaito styla på fruityloop fra Botswana. Meropa låta er fra det kommende albumet til Skeat; Basimanyana Malema Meropa. Sjekk også låtene under fra Ruff Riddims crewet.

mp3: Skeat - Mamela

mp3: Tebza - Rocka

mp3: MaSuper - Airtime



Take Three

TrulsPuls har mixet sammen en finfin mix som han la ut på soundcloud, hiv den på og enjoy. Han la også opp en mix som han og NuTeQ, Defintion Of iLL, laget som duoen Floora i 1999, scroll så finn du mer musikk. Et par tima med gooo musikk her.

A pre-summermix of dubstep and related sounds including some soon to be released tracks from the 65 fam!

Released by: 65 Records

This is the legendary mix made by Floora in 1999 using 4 decks
and crappy mixers. The whole session was recorded on a minidisc player and led
the duo to an 8 rcords deal with EMI. The Floora mix was never released due to
licensing hell. Hehehe:) seems like majors went out of style appr. at the same
time as minidiscs.


mp3: Carlito ft Aki & Jacco - Babylon Brinner

Prod: Masse Beats (The Salazar Brothers)
Regi: Duncan "Dm-Quan" Mukada

Aki & Jacco er fra hiphop/reggae-kollektivet Labyrint fra Uppsala, som slapp en streetvideo på whoa.nu til en tuuuuuung låt for en måneds tid siden. BETONGREGGAE! Carlito vet jeg ingenting om, så.. men whoa.nu har peiling, så peis den rett inn i rss-feeden din.




Admiral P på Rosie Riddim fra Big Yard, spinnvillt. Låta er fra albumet til Admiral P og Nico D som ble sluppet nå i sommer, To The World. Top a di top på norsk dancehall/reggae. Albumet finner du kanskje i nærmeste platesjappe eller spørr etter den på neste Jah Ark Manifest bashment i Oslo. Du finner den sikkert på flere av nettbutikkene med .no i adressen også, google it.

Lulz, første gang Jah Ark Manifest er nevnt på bloggen her. Big Ups anyways for session på Livingroom sist torsdag, nuff skanking.



Mista Collie Collie Collie Collie!

Ninja Cutty og Collie Buddz

Collie Buddz med ny love chuuune på Relationships Riddim produsert av Supa. Mannen fra Bermuda er visstnok også snart aktuell med en ny storhit sammen med Ninja Cutty, She Got Me spilles heftig på radioen på Bermuda, men er ikke å finne på nett enda. Les om samarbeidet her. Låta hiv vi opp her når den dukka opp.

mp3: Collie Buddz - Now She Gone (Relationships Riddim)

Ikke et lyrisk mesterverk, men han snakka sant.

Sjekk også ut Eyez som er første låt fra albumet som kommer.

mp3: Collie Buddz - Eyez

Don't think I don't know!



the gangsta PILL


Gangsta Pill har skiftet navn til bare Pill, men han er fortsatt like gangsta og repper fortsatt ATL. Trap Goin' ham videoen er laget av Maurice Garland og behind the scenes ++ finner du på mauricegarland.blogspot. Shjithard styla på den der videoen, får det ikke mer hood enn det der. Hør også Back Outside under her og last ned den 3-5 mnd gammle mixtapen til DJ Burn One & Pill.

Hva faen betyr "trap goin' ham" ?

mp3: Pill - Back Outside

mixtape: Pill - 4180: The Prescription



Grumpy Old Men

Joddski & El Axel si det over D.O.A. (Death Over Autotune) beaten til Jay-Z.

mp3: Joddski & El Axel - G.O.M.



So Fine Riddim

Sean Paul er aktuell med nytt album, som slippes 18. august, og nå er første singelen ute med video produsert av norske RayKay.

So Fine Riddim er produsert av Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor, og vi kommer garantert til å høre mange flere artister på denne riddimen innen kort tid.