Still Flossin

Flippa Mafia med to stykk flossin vidz med 4 sanger totalt, not so flossin, på Good Life Riddim og Baddaz Riddim, som begge rates to the max. Dancehall har ikke vært så flashy som det her på lenge, men så er jo Flippa fra USA.. selv om det er dirty Philly han repper, still flossin!

Flippa beefer med Bounty Killa?

"In the song where Flippa talks about his "vehicles cant be more expensive than his house" and that "some bwoy a hype over unfinished house"; Bounty Killa appear to be the target here.. with him being the guy who is in the lime light that took some time to complete his dream home... so it would appear that this is perhaps some disrespect to the 'grung god' ..and there is mention of Elephant man who, also according to some, invest a lot in his vehicles and have low-keyed interest in real estate."


noen som vil ha mp3zzz?

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