Take Three

TrulsPuls har mixet sammen en finfin mix som han la ut på soundcloud, hiv den på og enjoy. Han la også opp en mix som han og NuTeQ, Defintion Of iLL, laget som duoen Floora i 1999, scroll så finn du mer musikk. Et par tima med gooo musikk her.

A pre-summermix of dubstep and related sounds including some soon to be released tracks from the 65 fam!

Released by: 65 Records

This is the legendary mix made by Floora in 1999 using 4 decks
and crappy mixers. The whole session was recorded on a minidisc player and led
the duo to an 8 rcords deal with EMI. The Floora mix was never released due to
licensing hell. Hehehe:) seems like majors went out of style appr. at the same
time as minidiscs.

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