Black Belt

mp3: Busy Signal - Black Belt

mp3: Busy Signal - Black Belt (Sabbo Remix)

Busy Signal to di world! Busy kjører på med nok en eksperimentell låt, denne gang med riddim fra Kirkledove /Jukeboxx. Produktiv som få. Sjekk også de to kinda nye videoene til Voicemail og en eller annen hawt chick med Busy starring, bwoy got dat mojo. Edde Stats om Busy's mangfoldighet og orginalitet:

"but Busy Signal in particular has made his appearance so many times it’s a joke. In fact it’s gone past farce and into tragedy; he comes with palm-worthy tunes so regularly that I am actually angry at him, although I guess I should be mad at the rest of dancehall and the world for failing to match his level of constant originality."

"however, “Black Belt” would not be ignored. Busy again sets the standard for matching lyrics and concepts in dancehall, stuttering and chopping up syllables hibachi-style—
Bone crush out like a fockin hippopotamus / so we rise the sh-sh-shotty fuss
—over a minimal RZA meets Dave Kelly track made almost solely from kung fu sound effects. And clearly I’m not the only one who’s feeling the crush. I was re-listening to the track for the eighth time, wrestling with the microscopic Busy devil on one shoulder saying, Put it in! and the Busy-angel on the other saying, Give somebody else a bligh.."
via Eddie Stats @Ghetto Palms

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