Jamaican dancehall ban?

WorldFocus reports on Jamaicas Broadcasting Commission ban on dancehall music and images of daggering on radio and tv.

"Grace Hamilton, known as Spice, is one of Jamaica’s most prominent Dancehall artists. She and Vybz Kartel came under attack for their duet “Rampin’ Shop.” Not all of Spice’s songs are so sexually graphic. In the video below, Spice talks (and sings) about growing up in Jamaica’s ghettos.!"

Mer daggering - No daggerin’ on Jamaican TV and on Worldfocus.

Mer censor fuckery hvis du trykker på bildet.
"Music will always be an easy scape goat

....it's a lot easier than dealing with the actual socio economic issues plaguing society that are causing the actual problems that need to be addressed and corrected. Requires less money, less commitment, less in general. here it is. Musical content in the issue so let's start impose censory bans and all teenage prenancy rates will decline, all crime rates will decline, all moral corruption in general will be abolished yadda yadda yadda - they know better but it's to target music than actually deal with the issues.

The artists speaking on what is going on in their community, who have come up through their art should now be penalized and hindered futher because they speak on what is going on around them.

Completely logical no? Smh"
via TweetaFineta @dancehallreggae.com

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