!!! dem bandittan dem !!!

bandittan / bandits / banditt styla

bandittan kommer førr å plyndre øreveian dokkers, beware...

bandit't m1 (gj fr fra it., eg 'forvist, bannlyst', besl med *bann) (volds)forbryter, røver, kjeltring mordere og b-er / som skjellsord: din b-!
  1. A robber, especially one who robs at gunpoint.
  2. An outlaw; a gangster.
  3. One who cheats or exploits others.
  4. Slang A hostile aircraft, especially a fighter aircraft.
  5. make out like a bandit, Slang. to be extremely successful; profit greatly: The early investors in the company have made out like bandits.

u dunn know!

banditt juggle styla!

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