The Message Is Love

Silverlink ft Badness & Jammer - The Message Is Love

enig med Boomkat.com;
Pure Fire!!! No Hats No Hoods deliver their hottest plate yet with the blazing freshness of Silverlink's 'Love is the message' featuring Badness and Jammer. Riding a nutty riddim that sounds like Konono No1 trapped in a lift with Skepta and DJ Mujava 'Love is the message' is quite easily one of the most unhinged slabs of wax we've heard in a while. Add Jammer and Badness's hyper-than-hype delivery into the equation and the mentalness is just compounded into a four minute neon gutter rave psyche out with a hardhouse breakdown The Blackout Kru would be proud of. Quite honestly one of the craziest grime derived tracks ever. Recommended!
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